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Before I became a dedicated copywriter, I had a growing fascination with what made businesses successful. 


Talented people, specialized technology, and well-designed systems, all working together for one ultimate goal...


Serving the customer.

I come from a technical background as a technician and machine programmer in the circuit board manufacturing industry.


Serving internal customers was one of my major (and favorite) responsibilities.

Specialized machinery is crucial to build high reliability circuit boards, but it's the expertise of humans that ultimately gets the job done right.

While programming machines, improving processes, and solving problems came naturally to me...

I realized I had a gift and a passion for working with people and providing them solutions.

At the end of the day, this was the most rewarding.


But I knew I had more to offer.

In my search to make a bigger positive impact in the world, I discovered the massive potential of marketing and copywriting.


I realized I could leverage my empathy, technical aptitude, and strategic skills to provide highly effective copywriting solutions to people and businesses. 

From this point, I dove in and learned everything I could.


I took marketing and copywriting courses, I studied the greats, the most successful copywriting works, and of course, I practiced. 

(technology > improve lives)


From that point onward, I've completely immersed myself in the world of marketing, psychology, and copywriting technique. 


dove into this world to understand marketing strategy and copywriting techniques to cut through the noise, connect with people all over the English speaking world, and lead them to the solutions that could improve their lives.








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