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We provide general counsel and transactional services


Business and legal experts at your service

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We are business-first attorneys here to help you with your legal needs. We've represented small to medium sized businesses from startups to $100m. As business owners ourselves, we know and understand the many needs of your business.

If you have legal questions or concerns, you’ve come to the right place. Please feel free to take us up on our one time only, FREE Consulting Call.

In 30 minutes, we'll discuss your questions and create a legal plan for you and your business. Click Here to schedule a time to speak with a legal expert, free of charge, and with no obligations. Your questions and concerns are welcome here, and our team of attorneys are ready to help you. 

We are familiar with the many legal issues that arise for small businesses, from startup to exit. The (company name) can help relieve you of the legal burdens that business owners face.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Starting your business

  • Business entity selection and formation

  • Operating agreements

  • Shareholder agreements, bylaws, etc.

  • Website terms and conditions and privacy policies

  • Intellectual property protection

Running your business

  • Preparation and review of B2C and B2B agreements

  • Capital investments

  • Restructuring

  • Employment and independent contractor agreements

  • Intellectual property protection strategy (i.e. trademarks, licenses, trade secrets, and patent licensing/protection)

  • Partnership disputes and buyouts

  • Owner asset protection

  • Much much more

Exiting your business

  • Business and succession planning

  • Mergers and acquisitions (we have experience on both sides of table)

If you’re interested in working with us, we invite you to schedule your free 30-minute consultation. Just pick a date and time that’s convenient for you and I’ll give you a call. No commitments or obligations. Even if you have simple legal questions, you’re absolutely welcome to a free consultation. Just click the button below to get started.

We'd love to hear about and help your business!

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