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Copywriting Portfolio

Article Spec Piece

Robotic Laser Soldering

The content of this article spec piece was inspired by my time programming and operating a soldering robot. It paints the picture of an ideal soldering robot, utilizing lasers and an underside soldering process. It is aimed at decision makers who are on the fence about whether to rely on dwindling talent pools or to “save money” with economy soldering robots. 

The objective of the article is to make the choice clear that robotic laser soldering systems are the best choice they can make for their company, despite the price tag.

Free Trial Landing Page

CMMS App for Oil and Gas Machine Maintenance

This landing page was written for an Oil and Gas Software company out of Bangledesh. Their app was designed to simplify machine maintenance for oil and gas companies, and the purpose of the landing page was to funnel readers into a free trial.


Following an SEO keyword request and word count limits, I focused on driving home the benefits of every feature while staying concise. I wanted the decision makers to clearly understand how the CMMS app would benefit their company. I also wanted the free trial to be an easy and empowering choice to make. 

Free Consultation Landing Pages

Law Firm Services

These three landing pages were re-written for an attorney and his law firm. The original text spoke the jargon-rich language of an attorney, which may have been difficult for potential clients to relate to and understand. 

I rewrote and simplified his landing pages to showcase his value proposition. I made sure every line flowed the reader down to the free consultation.  My aim with the writing was to bring relief to the reader’s fears and frustrations by leading them to solutions they could trust. 

About Us Page

Wholesale Nursery Online Store

I was referred to a local business owner in need of a copywriter. He had a dream of bringing his business online and wanted his About Us page to reach out, inspire, and build trust with his audience. He also requested a mission statement, which I included in the first paragraph.

With some creativity and competitive research, I took a more heart-felt route using words that would resonate and inspire vivid imagery. I made sure to touch on core issues to build excitement and trust in the quality of their products.

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