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Let's work together and make great things happen! Please feel free to contact me so we can schedule a time to discuss an action plan.

Trevor Newton


Technology Copywriter

Words that move people to action... This is my specialty.


I write copy for technology and SaaS companies to serve customers and enhance marketing efforts. I aim to simplify technical information, tell impactful stories, and inspire decision-makers to act on your business solutions.

I can help your business grow awareness, build authority, generate leads, and convert more people into customers with proven copywriting and content marketing strategies.

Customer experience is key.

Turn readers into loyal customers and avid supporters of your business.


This is a natural result with the help of great copywriting.

No salesy gimmicks involved. No fake hype or false hope.

Great copywriting forms connections with readers through a deep understanding of their needs and a genuine desire to provide solutions. 

By combining proven copywriting strategies with empathy and a well-researched approach, I aim to convince your target market that your business has the ideal solutions for their needs.

To achieve this goal, I offer the following copywriting services and strategies: 

Blog Posts & Web Pages

Grow organic traffic, expand lead generation, and rank higher in search engines with SEO friendly content and copywriting. With the strategic use of keywords, I will speak the language of your customers to target their needs and fulfill their search intent. This is a key factor in ranking your website high in search engines. I can help attract relevant organic traffic with blog posts and web pages that are optimized for long-term success.


White Papers & eBooks

Build authority and generate leads with content designed to inform, guide, and solve problems in your industry. I will write in a formal, factual, and professional tone with a more subtle push to your offer. Technical information can sometimes be hard to read, but benefits and storytelling are more easily understood. With thorough research, I will showcase technical information in simple terms to lead readers to your business solutions. 

Case Studies

Leverage success stories and drive sales with stories that inspire your customers. Story telling with testimonials is powerful way to build trust, confidence, and excitement in potential customers. I will write thoughtful case studies to establish ultimate credibility in the solutions your business has to offer. I will use strategic storytelling to hit pain points, overcome objections, and convert your readers into customers.

Email Copywriting

Wherever your potential customers are in the buying journey, I can write emails to earn trust, build confidence, grow interest, and inspire them to take action. Using proven strategies and relevant storytelling, I can warm leads up to your business and move them to conversion. From newsletters to weekly emails, I will write not only to pique interest and hold attention, but to increase open rates and click-throughs.

Landing Pages

Convert leads with landing pages that are highly targeted to readers who show interest in your solutions. I will write engaging and easy to follow landing pages designed to funnel readers into a clear and concise call to action. With a thorough understanding of the customer persona, I will write persuasive copywriting designed to touch on the core issues that will motivate them to act on the solutions offered by your business. 

Advertising & Social Media

In popular online spaces where attention is fleeting, short form copywriting needs to grab the attention of your target customers.

With precision and brevity, I will write impactful and eye-catching ad copy designed to draw readers into the call to action. By understanding customer personas and previously successful strategies, I will tailor ad copy to cut through the noise and spark interest in your target audience.  

My services also include, but are not limited to:

  • Product descriptions

  • Press releases

  • Guides

  • Proofreading

  • Copy editing

  • Content strategy

Want to improve your marketing with high quality copywriting? Let's talk! 


Phone: 541-805-8849


"Trevor revised my website copy for different landing pages to make the benefit and value proposition streamlined. He responded promptly and went above and beyond the work that was requested. He met every time line, and the copy was substantially improved. I will hire again, and recommend that you consider doing the same."


 Copywriting & SEO Certifications

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